Monday, May 10, 2010


This book is about emotional intelligence (EI) hence the reason for the music about Emotions.

Smiling and laughter are a very important part of emotional intelligence. Watch the video by DR. STEVE BEDWELL - it will make you smile/laugh.

My book summary on the main points of the book and the implications for educational leaders:

According to the book PRIMAL LEADERSHIP REALIZING THE POWER OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee, it takes emotional intelligence (EI) to be an effective leader. The book discusses what emotional intelligence is and gives many examples of the positive effect of six different leadership styles - Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative, Democratic, Pacesetting, and Commanding. I struggled with interest in the book for the first 12 pages because it talked about how the brain functions and did not appeal to my learning style. As the book continued, I became hooked. The authors use real life stories to explain the leadership styles and the emotional intelligence (EI) a leader must have to be successful. The stories made the book more interesting to me and I could relate to the examples. The first half of the book gives examples and comparisons of effective and ineffective leaders. I used this to evaluate my EI strengths and gaps. The second half of the book gave stories and examples of how to develop EI.

PRIMAL LEADERSHIP REALIZING THE POWER OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE will benefit all school professionals because every teacher, counselor, principal, etc… is in a leadership position with the students and co-workers. This book helps you to recognize your strengths and build on them to develop in areas where you have gaps. The leaders in the school are the models that students learn from. To be a successful professional in education, emotional intelligence is a very valuable quality to possess. I would highly recommend this book. This was a very interesting book, one that I would like in my personal library.

In the post below are more thoughts about emotional intelligence. I am a visual learning and found the following videos and reviews interesting.


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DR. STEVE BEDWELL - Dr. Bedwell is a motivation speaker. Watch the video on the top of his website. It is funny. There is a book review of Primal Leadership below the video. This is the same link mentioned at the beginning of the blog.

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